About Us

Founded in 2016, we produce environmentally friendly products from organic and all natural materials including  essential oils.  Our Premium Coconut Wax Candles started it all because they both burn as a traditional candle and be used as a lotion if desired.  We still hand pour our candles into containers that can be reused or recycled to reduce waste.

Why Coconut Wax?

In addition to the fact that coconut oil is just so good for you, it is an excellent moisturizer and has a natural SPF of approximately 7.  Coconut wax also has a very clean burn and does not give off the unhealthy chemicals of petroleum based waxes used in most candles.  The wax burns at a lower temperature so the candles typically have longer burn times and better scent throw.  In addition to all that, coconut wax is a renewable resource that is harvested through natural processes and is considered a sustainable crop because of its high yield and crop renewal per acre.

A portion of every sale goes to the Alzheimer’s Association in loving memory of my mother, Katheryn Politano, who suffered with dementia for many years before Jesus took her home on August 26, 2017.